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Keeping Your Hair Looking Great

At Shear Elements Salon & Spa, we are dedicated to making every part of you look gorgeous, from the tips of your hair to your ruby red toenails. Our Manchester, New Hampshire-based spa employs a number of gifted hair stylists who work with men, women, and children to give them unique looks.

Services for Kids

We offer a number of spa services that are designed for children under the age of 12, including mani-pedis. We even have birthday packages that can be customized to your child and your budget.

• Vanilla Cupcake Manicure
• Vanilla Cupcake Pedicure
• MVP Sports Foot Treatment
• Child Facial
• Child Massage
• Child Updo

Cuts for Men

We have a number of haircuts for men. We offer men's cuts, men's reshape, and buzz cuts. Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to book any service or treatment that we offer.


Salon Services for Women

Change your look with a variety of salon services for women. Our owner began her career as a hairstylist and knows how important a good hairdo is. All of our haircuts include shampooing, scalp massage, and a blow-dry style. Our prices are based according to your stylist's level of expertise, continuing education, and client retention.

• Cap Highlight
• Permanent Wave
• Designer Wrap
• Spiral Perm
• Color Lock Keratin Treatment
(Lasts 4 Weeks)

• Blonde Highlight Recharge
• Hair Extensions (Prices upon Consultation)

We offer corrective coloring. Every color correction service comes with a consultation where price will be determined. Keep in mind that this service may take two to three visits to achieve perfect results.

Hair Treatments

Our Keratin Smoothing Treatment uses 100% formaldehyde-free keratin. The treatment reduces curl by 50% and eliminates frizz 100%. It also reduces daily drying and styling time, and it lasts for 12 to 16 weeks.

A Squid Ink Deep Conditioning Treatment facilitates hair growth by removing dead skin cells, inhibits the over secretion of oil, and improves overall blood circulation in the scalp. This treatment returns damaged hair and scalp to a state of good health!